Worshipping gods that are no gods instead the "ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD" the GOD of Israel?


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Enlarged pictures of the Sun Wheels of Pagan Solar Witchcraft.

Note that the Cross marks the four seasons of the solar year. The Solar circle with the cross marking the four season is call the Sun's Wheel (circle) of Life. This Sun Wheel of Life is found in ALL Pagan Religions. The Sun Wheel is the foundation for all reincarnated life in all Religions except the Jewish Christian Religion of the Hebrew Bible.  The Cross was used by all Pagan Sun Religions to identify the New Sun Child that was reborn each year on the winter solstice. His Egyptian and Hebrew name was Tammuz. His Celtic, Druid and Roman name was the Yule Child.


The BAAL Stone below. The Idol Stone of the LORD of the Heavens. The Cross again marks the four seasons of the Solar year.
         Spring Equinox ______________________Fall Equinox.
The Summer Solstice ______________________Winter Solstice
When they are connected together within the Solar Sun Wheel of Life as seen below, they form the Egyptian, Roman, Celtic, Druid and Hindi Crosses of BAAL (Sun) worship.



Crosses like the Celtic cross below were being used by the Celtic's, Druid's and Roman's long before Judaism existed. The use of the Roman cross to crucify people on did not start tell the middle of the third century or later - 331 AD. Constanstine used the Roman cross in his vision to display his enemies on that the Roman had put to death. The Hebrew Bible clearly teaches that Jesus was crucified on a STAKE, not a cross. The cross was substituted for the STAKE used in the Biblical account to incorporate the Pagans into the Roman Church who used crosses from antiquity in their Sun worship.

The Celtic Cross, older than Jewish Christianity.
Celtic and Egyptian Crosses date back 4000 years.

The eight pointed star with the Sun Circle around it. The Cross marks the four solar seasons. The off centered Cross marks the four moon holy days of solar Witchcraft found in all Pagan Religions that worship the Host of Heavens. The main one being Holloween.


The same Solar Sun Wheel marking the four Solar Sun Seasons and the four Moon Holy Days in the Witchcraft of Roman Sun Worship. Only this time it is the symbol of the Roman Catholic Church and it is being displayed in St. Peter's Plaza in Rome. Note the Obelisk from Egyptian Sun Worship standing in the center of the Sun symbol. Another name for this symbol is Mother Earth. The Queen of Heaven. The Obelisk is the male sex symbol (Sun beam) of the LORD of the Heavens.